HotNews – A Convenient Source of SAP Information


HotNews is one of the largest and oldest news sites in Romania. It focuses on current affairs, finance, and politics. It publishes news stories, interviews, and video documentaries. While the website is quite large, it offers a smaller range of news than most Romanian news sites. Nonetheless, HotNews is still a useful tool for those interested in current affairs in Romania.

HotNews is free for AUGI members to use, and you can customize how frequently you receive new editions. You can choose to receive the newsletter once a month or every two weeks. To subscribe, just visit MY AUGI and select the HotNews option in the drop-down menu. Once you’ve selected the frequency, you’ll receive the latest edition of HotNews every month.

Although HotNews is controversial, it has its uses. It first gained recognition when a competing wire service allegedly copied an article written by an AP reporter in Europe, without proper attribution. This ruling was later overturned by the Second Circuit, but the doctrine continues to have significant implications in copyright protection. The concept is evolving, and it may come into play in more cases.

HotNews can be used for business purposes, too. It is a convenient way to get your hands on the latest SAP information. Subscribers can customize the way they receive it, allowing them to get only the most relevant news. As long as the content is properly attributed, HotNews can be a useful tool in your daily routine.

For SAP professionals, HotNews is a vital source of information. You can filter news items based on your preferred system and add notes. You can also flag news items as irrelevant. HotNews allows you to track important news items and move irrelevant ones to subtabs. This way, you can make it more manageable.

SAP professionals can benefit from HotNews for business purposes. It provides timely updates on new releases and important changes to existing products. Furthermore, the site can be customized for the particular needs of your application. HotNews also provides links to important documents, including Important Notes (INF) documents and reference instructions. You can also subscribe to specific modules to get the latest information.

HotNews connects to SAP Service Marketplace, where you can find the latest SAP notes relevant to your business. These notes help you resolve problems and prevent them from occurring. You can customize the frequency of your HotNews subscription and customize the content of each newsletter. In addition, the service also provides you with a daily RSS feed of the latest news. HotNews is free to use and has a vibrant community of users.

HotNews is a news website that covers politics, technology, and finance. The news section has more than 20,000 articles, videos, and opinion pieces. Moreover, HotNews offers a free newsletter so you can keep updated with news about your industry.