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If you are an AUGI member and would like to be kept informed about the latest Autodesk news, join HotNews today. The newsletter contains articles, special offers, and other news about the industry. Subscribers can also customize their subscriptions to only receive the items they want to read. Simply go to MY AUGI and click the HotNews option. Then follow the instructions to add your email address to HotNews.

SAP HotNews is a free online news service that is personalized to meet the requirements of each user. Users can subscribe to specific topics, modules, and support packages, and read the latest SAP news on those topics. HotNews also allows users to customize their news subscriptions by selecting a favorite system and confirming or marking as irrelevant. The content is updated on a regular basis, so you can stay on top of the latest developments in the SAP industry.

Hotnews began as a Romanian press review and quickly expanded into investigative reporting and English-language news. Though the news is published in both languages, the same company owns both the website and the newsletter. Subscribers can now choose which topics they want to follow and manage their subscription preferences in MY AUGI. The latest version of Hotnews is available in both English and Romanian. HOTnews is available in English and Romanian.

A hot news story is defined as one that is highly relevant at a particular point in time. If the report contains sensitive information, a free ride for the information gatherer, or a threat to the production of news, it may qualify as hot news. This claim is most likely to succeed if the original story contains these elements. For example, the Associated Press has filed a lawsuit against the Meltwater Group, the news aggregation that uses its content. The AP claims that Meltwater has violated its copyrights.